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The Basque Country is an ideal destination for lovers of nature, sport, the sea, cultural traditions and gastronomy. During your stay here you will be able to enjoy a mild and temperate climate, beautiful and highly diverse landscapes, lots of tourist attractions, numerous “fiestas”, fairs and other events, a unique people etc.

These are some of the motorhome routes that we suggest, setting off from Gipuzkoa and staying within the Basque Country or its neighbouring provinces.
Choose the route that you would like to do in the motorhome and we will show it to you by Stages.
Azpeitia – Hondarribia in 8 stages

Routes through Gipuzkoa

Although it is the smallest province in the Spanish State in terms of size, Gipuzkoa is one of the biggest and most varied in terms of what it can offer to the visitor. You can choose or integrate several different alternatives.

  • Coastal Gipuzkoa, with the aromas and flavours of the beach and grilled fish set against a background of a world famous surfing scene and rowing-boat regattas, such as the La Concha regatta which takes place in September every year.
  • Green Gipuzkoa, with a huge variety of landscapes in which mountains and lushious valleys predominate and merge with pleasant rural settings infused with ancient traditions.
  • In festive periods Gipuzkoa is a lively place, a real mosaic of colour and joy for adults and children alike.
  • Gipuzkoa’s gastronomy is renowned all over the world, with an offer ranging from exclusive Michellin-star restaurants to far more affordable menus, and a chance to try “pintxos” (elaborate snacks) both in the capital of San Sebastián and in many other surrounding towns and villages.
Azpeitia – Bilbao in 8 stages

Routes through Bizkaia

visit bizkaia bilbao

If there exist protagonists in the Basque Country, in Bizkaia it is the sea, and in particular its 150 km coastline, which provides the visitor with endless excursion plans.

From Muskiz to Ondarroa, our coast offers a huge range of attractive possibilities: visiting fishing villages, joining in the traditional fiestas, buying and tasting delicacies fresh from the sea etc.

There are 28 beaches along the coast of Bizkaia where you can practice all kinds of sports such as surfing, canoeing, paragliding or volleyball, discover breathtaking stretches of sand or hike along a coastline which has witnessed the age-old assault of the Cantabrian Sea, enjoying beauty spots such as San Juan de Gaztelugatxe or the Urdaibai Bosphere Reserve. The visitor can fortify himself with the excellent gastronomy on offer at our restaurants and grills, and wash it down with txakoli, our unique and locally-produced white wine.

All of this makes for an unforgettable and unbeatable holiday programme. You can live all of these experiences and more in the course of your journey along the coast of Bizkaia. And delight yourself by combining all these experiences with our splendid gastronomy – sampling fresh fish washed down with txakoli white wine!

Azpeitia – Gijón In 13 stages


visit cantabria

The three adjoining territories of the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias are united by a common denominator; the Cantabrian Sea, and they will provide us with a wealth of things to see, feel and enjoy. A crossroads in terms of of cultures, of nature-loving peoples, of sports, the sea, their traditions and gastronomy.

Stunning and contrasting landscapes, with a wide range of tourist sites, a rich and varied gastronomy, countless activities, fiestas, fairs and other cultural events.

  • The Basque Country (Euskadi): “Everything in your Reach”. As one of Europe’s most ancient and culturally rich regions, the Basque Country has so much to offer its visitors. From its modern cities, pictureque villages and verdant landscapes to its superb gastronomy – it is one of Europe’s top wine-producing regions, the Basque Country has something to offer everyone.

  • Cantabria “A Place to Share”. Three different Cantabrias in one:

    • Blue Cantabria, with over 200 km of coastline and a huge range of landscapes.
    • Cultural Cantabria, with one of the world’s most important cave-painting patrimonies. In 2008 nine Cantabrian caves were declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    • Delicious Cantabria, with a wealth and diversity of produce coupled with traditional methods of elaboration.

  • Asturias “Return to Paradise”.

    Watched over by the soaring mountains of the Picos de Europa range on one side, and bathed by the Cantabrian Sea on the other, Asturias is a genuine natural paradise. Furthermore, its rich gastronomy, traditions and history make it a highly favoured destination for all kinds of travellers. If there is something within this paradise that makes Asturias unique it is its picturesque fishing villages – places such as Cudillero and its port, Luanco, Ribadesella, Lastres and the port of Llanes.


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