Motorhome Mclouis Glamys 220, features:
  • 1. Autocaravana capuchina del año 2021
  • 2. 140hp, 6-speed Fiat ducato engine
  • 3. Dimensions: 3,20 (height), 2,35m(width), 6,99m(length)
  • 4. Two double berths in the rear and a double bed over the cabin in the nasturtium
  • 5. Possibility of sleeping 6 people without having to mount anything.
  • 6. Bathroom with closed toilet and shower
  • 7. Gas stove with two burners and refrigerator with freezer.
  • 8. Garage with two access doors
  • 9. Reversing camera
All the motorhomes come equipped with:
  • Excursion kit
  • TV aerial
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Camp chairs and tables
  • Bedding
  • Complete set of kitchenware
  • Cleaning kit
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Reserving the motorhome

Please check the availability of the motorhome on the attached calendar, bearing in mind that the minimum rental contract period is 3 days, the minimum rental contract period is 3 days, except in peak season: when it is 7 days in July and Easter and 10 days in August. Fill in the requested information and send us a PRE-RESERVATION request. On receipt of your request, and within 24 hours at the most, we will get in touch with you. If you need to draw up the contract urgently, ring us on the following numbers: 616341770 / 647318486.
  • January, February: Reduced Season
  • March, April, May: Low Season
  • June: Mid Season
  • July, August: Peak Season
  • September, October, November: Low Season
  • December: Reduced Season

Note: the reservation is not valid until you receive confirmation from Flying. For urgent reservations, contact us by phone.

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